What to give an adventurous person and surprise him

The perfect gift is one that satisfies a need and adjusts as closely as possible to the characteristics of the person who receives it, therefore, before deciding what to give to an adventurous person , it is necessary to know a little about their tastes and preferences.

However, there are some gifts that will fit perfectly with a person who likes travel and adventure, several of them we recommend in this article.

Gift ideas for an adventurer

Next, we leave you a list of the most useful gifts for a person who likes travel and adventure. Take note of them.

GoPro camera

If there is something that an adventurer needs, it is a camera that allows him to immortalize the experiences he lives on each of his trips. But, not just any camera will serve you, but the best one. In this sense, giving a GoPro is an excellent gift idea because it is made precisely for taking pictures in extreme environments and even underwater .

Sports smartwatch

Sports smart watches are another idea to give to an adventurous person because they have everything it takes to know their performance and take a safe journey.
For an adventurer it is important to know the state of his health in real time, as well as to have a device that allows him to monitor it. With a Smartwatch you can measure your heart rate, oxygen, count your steps or activate the sport mode that best suits the activity you are doing. This wearable is a must in the luggage of an adventurer and it is much more if it has GPS.

Give an experience

If adventurers love something they are experiences, therefore, nothing better than giving one away. You can give him as a gift from plane tickets to that place he has always wanted to go to, to complete packages of one or more days or a multi-adventure trip to, that is, where he can perform various sports or extreme activities such as rafting, canyoning and others. that you can book at Kayak Campo , and then give the voucher to the person you want to surprise.

Giving a trip to a traveler and adventurer is the most successful gift of all, the one with which you will not fail.


When trips are made to distant areas, to another city or country, it is possible that a lot of time will have to be spent traveling by bus, plane or train, and that is where books come into play, they allow the adventurer to be distracted while the journey passes . Of course, since the adventurer is always thirsty for the new, try to give him a book that gives him something and that is of a genre that can attract his attention.

With a type of book that you will get right, it is precisely that of travel and adventure, for example, when you know what the next destination of the person will be, you can look for a book related to that place. Thus, you will be able to have a general idea of ​​the place you are going to and your desire to know it will be even more awakened.

Portable coffee machine

A portable coffee machine can be taken anywhere because its size is compact, so it is possible to put it in the backpack without any problem . In addition, it brings everything you need to prepare a delicious and sparkling espresso without having to connect it to the power.

Traveler’s Diary

A diary, specifically designed for travelers, is an authentic gift that will allow you to write down all the details of the adventure, the discoveries and the experiences lived . It also serves to write down expenses and keep track of them during the trip.

A new backpack

The backpack is the travel companion of an adventurer, therefore, giving him a new one is a wise decision and he will be more than delighted. Backpacks for hiking, camping and excursions are usually large, about 44 or 50 liters, but at the same time light , in addition, they have many pockets to put as many objects as possible necessary for the trip and, of course , they are waterproof .

Cork map

A cork world map is a detail that will look great on the wall of our adventurer’s bedroom or living room. By gifting this type of map, you give him the opportunity to mark the places he has visited and even to pin the best photo of each of his adventures. Without a doubt, a gift that will look good and will catch the attention of anyone.

Extreme battery

Having an external battery for your mobile phone is a smart decision, especially when you go on a trip for several days or to areas where there is no electricity, it is also necessary if the GPS of the phone will be used during the trip, which will cause the charge to run out faster. Therefore, if you plan to give an additional battery as a gift, you will be helping the adventurer a lot, who needs to always have his mobile on.

These are just some ideas to give to an adventurous person and with which they will be pleasantly surprised. Which of them do you prefer?