Give unique experiences thanks to Smartbox

It is true that this Christmas is not going to be like the previous ones. They will not be because of the pandemic, but what nothing and nobody will change is that we live them again with great enthusiasm, wanting to share good times even though it may not be with the same closeness as always.

Obviously, all those good times will not only come at Christmas, but we can also experience them later thanks to gifts like those that anyone can buy in Smartbox . With its gift boxes and experiences you can surprise friends and family whatever their hobbies, since the range of possibilities is very wide. You will finally know what to give for Christmas .

Unforgettable stays

In Smartbox you can get all kinds of stays. There are gourmet stays, stays designed for the well-being of those who enjoy them, romantic stays, stays in castles … You can give them to your loved ones for less than 50 euros, so you have no excuse .


Speaking of well-being, it is impossible not to mention the possibility of giving a unique experience in a spa where you can relax and let go of everything for a while. Spas, massages, the magic of Caldea… The truth is that one relaxes just by imagining it.


You can also give away gastronomic experiences in restaurants with a Michelin star . Smartbox puts at our disposal Michelin Guide boxes that make your mouth water. You can invite whoever you want to dine in spectacular restaurants for much less than you imagine.



For the more daring there are also plans available. You can give away unforgettable experiences related to extreme or water sports, and you can even book balloon and plane flights, parachute, paragliding … Pure adrenaline .

Who is the gift for?

Yes, there is also a section of original Christmas gifts for your girlfriend . They want to make it very easy for you and the truth is that they have managed to hit the target by creating a section in which there are gifts for dad, for mom, for men, for women, etc.

Safe leisure

In order for us to talk about safe experiences , at Smartbox they are doing everything possible to guarantee the safety of their customers. For this reason, and to solve all kinds of doubts, they offer a " Covid-19 guarantee " with which they change or extend the validity of your gift voucher without you having to pay for it. In addition, you should also know that you have up to three years and three months to change, redeem or extend the validity of your gift voucher. It cannot be denied that the tranquility is total with these conditions.

Article sponsored by Smartbox.