Ideal destinations to spend this Christmas

The countdown begins to celebrate one of the most anticipated dates of the year: Christmas . This year, somewhat special are expected due to the issue of COVID-19 and the limitations of geographical mobility. However, there are areas that do allow travel and receive tourists . If you can travel, it is time to start thinking about destinations . And where to go? Here are some more than recommended proposals.

Dominican Republic

The Caribbean is one of the areas most chosen by Spaniards to spend vacation and rest days. And, within the Christmas destinations, it continues to be an option that appears among the first positions, especially with destinations such as the Dominican Republic , where temperatures of 21 degrees are reached in the month of December.

To the good temperature, the paradisiacal beaches and the natural surroundings are added. And that’s not the only thing to consider. Since last July 1, entry is free for Spaniards and the delivery of medical tests prior to arrival in the country is not required. Of course, the realization of random tests has been implemented in airports.


Malta is another of the ideal destinations for this time of year. The island offers a wide range of tourist possibilities also at Christmas, being a good combination of enigmatic and remote places , beaches , architecture and history .

To visit this island, you need to submit a Malta travel form or declaration, which is similar to a health declaration. In it, you must answer a series of questions about COVID-19. In addition, tourists have to carry a negative PCR test , which has been carried out in the last 72 hours .


The neighboring country also has its charm at Christmas. Apart from its beauty with the Christmas lights and tourist options to live a few different days in areas such as Lisbon and Porto , the fact of being close to Spain is added.

Initially, the country has not established restrictions for Spanish visitors. However, it is recommended to carry a negative PCR test for COVID-19 that has had to be carried out 72 hours after shipment. Initially, only those tourists who want to visit specific areas such as Madeira or the Azores archipelago are asked.


Further afield is Brazil, which is another good option to visit. This country is the largest in South America and Latin America. Although it has been one of the most affected by the pandemic, the truth is that its territorial extension allows you to find charming and less crowded places to live all its history and enjoy its landscapes and, of course, know all its culture.

The country has authorized access to the Spanish, although it has to be done through the main airports . However, the latest restriction updates – dated October 15 – indicate the temporary closure of land and sea borders. Despite this, neither a negative PCR test nor any form is required, nor is it a quarantine for tourists coming from Spain. Of course, do not forget to bring the appropriate entry visa.


Also on the other side of the pond is Mexico, which is another of the good destinations to experience Christmas in the country or take a tour of its impressive monuments .

It is a destination that does not have specific requirements due to the pandemic, but all the usual entry requirements to the country are maintained. There is no choice but to present the return ticket to Spain, justify financial resources that will be used during the stay and present proof of accommodation.


And a destination, which is always a dream, is the Maldives, which is one of the best destinations for water sports and enjoying crystal clear waters during the month of December when the temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius.

The Maldives is open to tourism and, from October 17, 2020, it is necessary for tourists to deliver a medical certificate with a negative result of the COVID-19 PCR test, which must have been carried out 96 hours before the first flight. In addition, the accommodation reservation must be delivered for all days of stay, and may be subject to medical controls and a 14-day quarantine.