The world’s first cross-border zip line opens in Huelva

zip line-huelva
714 meters of water. This is the distance that separates the Huelva town of Sanlúcar del Guadiana and the Portuguese municipality of Alcoutim . Both towns have been working together for more than a decade to try to find a way to connect both banks beyond getting on a small boat and crossing the river.

David Jarma, a British citizen living in Huelva and a lover of adventure sports, had the idea of ​​linking the two towns through a zip line, a project that has finally become a reality: “ LímiteZero ”.

Cross the river at 80 km / h

It is the first crossborder zip line in the world and at 720 meters in length it is also the longest in Spain. And what about speed? Well, the user will be able to cross the river at a speed between 70 and 80 km / h. All this has involved an investment of 250,000 euros.

zip line-huelva2

A very appetizing journey

Although you can already enjoy the first cross-border zip line in the world, the official opening will be in early December, specifically during the Constitution Bridge. Jarman has set himself a challenge to overcome 25,000 trips a year, estimates that he hopes to exceed because it is a very appetizing journey. In addition, it is a safe , fun and unforgettable experience due to the beauty of its location.

Only if the weather allows it

If you wish, you can now go to this municipality of 500 inhabitants to live this experience with the purchase of a ticket worth 15 euros, which includes the ferry back to Sanlúcar from Alcotium. Of course, the company plans to close the service in the coming years from the second half of November to February, since it cannot be used if the weather does not allow it.