The High Line ride in New York

With all this Hurricane Sandy, many images are coming out of New York and many more cities that are being affected by it. Yesterday, watching an American newscast, the High Line area caught my attention, a beautiful area that has nothing to do with how it looks in the middle of a hurricane. This area is characterized by having a beautiful walk that attracts a lot of attention.

The High Line promenade is one of the most fashionable places in the city, and is visited daily by both tourists and people who live in the Big Apple. This small walk emerged after the urban renovation that is being carried out in the city and that aims to make every corner of it beautiful, something that at least they have achieved in the High Line.

This area is on the so-called West Side Line and is divided into 3 phases, and the last of them will be inaugurated in 2014. The first two phases have a joint length of 1.6 kilometers and go from 30 Oeste to Avenida 12. It was a practically dead area for many years, but a group of people at the end of the 90’s opted for its remodeling and for preserving the railway line, renovating it and thus giving a much better appearance not only to the station but to all its around.

After those renovations, the High Line was left as a fantastic open space , with a beautiful park designed by James Corner that perfectly complemented the architecture of the place with the park. Among the most interesting that you will find in the High Line are several natural plantations within the park, which makes it a perfect area to spend a day with the family or go to play sports. There are also cultural attractions, and the architecture is truly spectacular. There, concerts and various events are usually organized throughout the year.