Ride the Orient Express

If you like movies and reading novels, you will surely know well the famous Orient Express , which is considered the most famous train in the world and which has been the scene of several shootings and inspiration for numerous books. This luxurious train has numerous European cities on its route such as Paris, Venice or Budapest. In operation since 1883 , it is currently the Venice Simplon Orient Express , an exact reproduction of the original and with all the luxury of that time, without a doubt the perfect opportunity to travel to other times while moving from one place to another. This train is not a simple means of transport, traveling on it is already an exciting part of the holidays.

In the Orient Express you can find many influences from different times, although the 1920s are perhaps the ones that left the greatest mark. Very elegant carriages in blue and gold, fully renovated staterooms in the purest Art Deco style, a butler service, a spectacular restaurant to taste many delicacies while enjoying one of the most impressive mountainous landscapes in Europe. Take note of the Orient Express routes :

Paris-Budapest-Bucharest-Istanbul : It was the original route and lasts 6 days, spending 5 nights on rails. It is only done once a year and from France he travels to Switzerland and Austria, spending the night in the latter country. The trip continues to Budapest, where it also stays overnight, and from there it continues to Bucharest and then cross the Danube and arrive in Istanbul.

Istanbul-Bucharest-Budapest-Venice : It was also the original although its final destination was Paris and not Venice. It is also done once a year. On the first day it goes through Turkey and Bulgaria, on the second it is in Romania and the next part towards Austria. In Vienna there is a stop so you can enjoy the city and then it leaves for Venice.
Venice-Paris : Only 2 days and one night of travel to enjoy the charm of this train. This journey runs from March to November and leaves Venice at mid-morning to arrive in Paris the next morning. Almost 24 hours of travel.

Venice-London : Also between March and November, with a fascinating landscape such as the Italian Dolomites or the Swiss Alps. There is a gala dinner for the only night on board. From Venice it goes to Paris and after a short stop it leaves for London via the English Channel.

In any of the routes you can find single , double or suite cabins , all of them with exquisite decoration. The singles and doubles are the same size but the suites are like two joined cabins, which leaves you much more space and you even have a small living room. In any of them there is 24-hour service at the touch of a bell, and there is also an individual radiator.

As for the restoration, expert chefs are busy every day preparing a menu and a letter to the taste of the most exquisite palates, always using fresh products for the preparation of any dish. There are three restaurant cars with menus that combine the best of French and Italian gastronomy. Finally, there is also a shop where you can get various souvenirs with the image of the Orient Express.