Tips for safe travel abroad

travel safe
Safety is one of the biggest concerns tourists have while traveling, especially those who travel independently. And although it is true that the security situation has worsened, it is better that during your adventure you do not think that something is going to happen to you, because if you do, you will not enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Today at Vuela Viajes we want to give you some tips so that you can travel safer abroad . These are some recommendations that we have extracted from the informative campaign "Travel safe" that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation published last year through different channels and with the collaboration of the network of national airports and travel agencies. Would you like to join us?


The first thing we want to comment on is that, as the aforementioned ministry explains on its website, the security situation has deteriorated and the international terrorist threat in much of the world has increased the real risk that Western citizens may be object of an attack or kidnapping. For this reason, the Government strongly recommends that Spaniards follow the travel recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, take extreme precautionary measures, avoid risky situations and unnecessary travel and register with the corresponding Embassy or Consulate General of Spain. .

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Embassies and consulates

In the campaign "Travel Safe" of the aforementioned ministry, they report on the functions of the Embassies and Consulates, which can issue passports or safe-conduct due to expiration, loss or theft of personal documentation; provide information on the country’s medical, educational and legal services; request the local authorities to immediately put you in contact with the Consul of Spain in the event of arrest ; provide assistance to detainees; advance you in exceptional circumstances the amount necessary for repatriation; provide Civil Registry services, notaries, legalization of documents, or referral of communications and instances to Spanish organizations; assist you in the event of a disaster or emergency; and provide information on the transfer of mortal remains to Spain.

What to do before the trip

Before traveling abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation recommends consulting the Travel Recommendations of the country in question, useful information that you can find at They also recommend registering in the Travelers Registry on the same website, which allows you to provide all your data and those of your trip in the event of an emergency . On the other hand, they propose to contract medical and travel insurance that ensures full coverage in case of illness or accident during the trip, including evacuation by ambulance plane, since the costs of hospitalization or medical treatment in many countries must be borne by the patient and can be very high. It is also important that you prepare the necessary documentation (ID, passport and visas) and carry sufficient means of payment with which you can deal with possible unforeseen events.

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What to do during the trip

During the trip, the ministry recommends respecting the laws and customs, taking into account that completely legal actions in Spain may be illegal in other countries. Special mention should be made of certain sexual practices, which could be considered crimes in some places. It is also important to take care of clothing and have a special sensitivity when it comes to religious beliefs . On the other hand, you should know that drug legislation is exceptionally harsh in some countries of the world, with rates ranging from several years in prison to the death penalty. Therefore, in addition to never traveling with drugs, you should not accept packages from a stranger, as they could contain drugs or any other type of merchandise or prohibited objects.