Tips for traveling by car abroad

Travel foreign car
Did you know that the car is the favorite means of transport for the Spanish when it comes to traveling? We do not say it, but the Familitur report, published by the Institute of Tourism of Spain. Of course, we understand it perfectly, because traveling by car has a lot of advantages: it does not depend on schedules, it can be cheaper than other options, it allows you to enjoy the landscapes that are found along the way, get to know the family or the friends…

However, when traveling abroad with a private vehicle you will have to take into account different aspects. Today at Vuela Viajes we want to talk to you about them in order to make your trip a success. Would you like to join us?

Documentation in order

It is important that before starting your trip outside of Spain you have everything prepared. By this we mean that you check that you have all your personal documentation in order. Do not forget that the driving license that is issued in our country allows you to take a car throughout the EU, Andorra, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia and Ukraine, although in other areas you will need the International Permit . Of course, it is also important that the car’s papers are in order: the current insurance, the last ITV …

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Needed information

On the other hand, it is necessary that you inform yourself about the payment systems on the highways of the different countries through which you intend to circulate. In addition, you must know the traffic regulations of the places you are going to visit. And is that although, in general, the same rules apply throughout the world, there are some little things that may be different. For example, in many European countries (Romania, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Greece, among many others), it is mandatory to carry a small first aid kit (do not worry if you do not, you’ll find it at any pharmacy); and, in others, such as Bulgaria, Latvia or Lithuania, a fire extinguisher must be carried in the car by law. In addition, there are more and more countries in which it is mandatory to use lights even during the day and not all places have the same rules when parking.

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Breathalyzer controls

If you thought that Spain was the only country that carried out blood alcohol tests, you were very wrong. In fact, they are quite common in other European countries. Furthermore, in most of the European Union the legal limit is the same: 0.5 g / l. Of course, you should bear in mind that in some states you will test positive with a lower blood alcohol index , such as in Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania.

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Drive to the left

One of the things that most worries drivers traveling abroad is having to drive on the left, a situation that, even if you don’t know it, occurs in other countries apart from the United Kingdom. We refer to Ireland, Cyprus and Malta. In Vuela Viajes we already gave you some tips so that you could drive on the left without any problem. Finally, we warn you that in some cities in Europe they will require a sticker that allows you to access the urban center. In general, the price of this sticker will be related to the emissions of the vehicle, so the more polluting your car is, the more you will have to pay. In fact, older cars may be denied entry.

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What do you think of the advice we have just offered to travel abroad by car? Do you think they will help you?