Rules for traveling by car with children

After the Christmas holidays, many of us have already started counting the days left to enjoy the summer holidays. Luckily, before the summer season we will be able to enjoy a few days of holidays at Easter, a vacation that you can take advantage of to make a getaway with the little ones in the house.

If you opt for the car when traveling with children, you must follow a series of rules to make the family trip more bearable and, of course, so that the smallest of the house are as safe as possible.

Plan the trip

Before starting the long-awaited trip, it is important to prepare the vehicle, as well as the luggage to be taken. It is a good idea for the whole family to be involved in this task, something that will avoid tension and arguments.



Whenever you travel by car, it is advisable to stop every so often. However, when traveling with children, the need is even greater. Thus, very long routes that can be exhausting for the little ones should be avoided and make a stop every 2 hours or 200 kilometers, both for the driver to have a safe rest and for children to play and be distracted.

Environmental temperature

As for the car temperature, it is advisable to be around 22 degrees. Hydration is also important, so you should give the little ones water to drink frequently. Of course, you should have on hand everything that the children may need during the trip (diapers, food, water, pacifier …).

Retention systems

On the other hand, it is essential to wear the appropriate restraint systems for the child’s age. He thinks that its use reduces infant mortality in traffic accidents by 75%. Must be assembled into the rear seats, although babies can get in the passenger seat , provided the airbag is disconnected.


Entertain the kids

Finally, so that the trip does not become heavy for them, it is best to provide entertainment : songs, riddles, toys, movies …