The fall show in Aspen

Experiencing the change of the seasons of the year is one of life’s great pleasures. Vibrant reds, yellows and oranges dot the entire landscape during the fall months in Aspen. People who flock to places like Aspen, Colorado , to watch the falling leaves in all their glory return home in awe of the breathtaking spectacle that this entails.

True to its name, Aspen is surrounded by huge forests of cottonwoods, the leaves of which sparkle like piles of gold coins on the ground. Every year, however, we have to ask ourselves the same question: when is the perfect time to see the leaves change? In the Rocky Mountains, fall descends a little earlier than it does at lower elevations. Generally, the end of September is the best time to see the elevation change colors.

Paying close attention to changes in temperature can also help us ensure this show much better. In general, warm sunny days followed by cold nights will give way to the vibrant colors of falling leaves. In the mountains of Colorado, for example, September days are usually sunny and warm, but at night the temperatures drop quite a bit.

By observing temperature trends we can determine the best time to see the trees change, but the time of day is also important. At noon, sunlight falls directly on flat surfaces. The morning and afternoon light is indirect and occurs at an oblique angle, especially in autumn. This creates shadows and colors that add depth.