Visit the Giza Zoo in Cairo

In Cairo you can find a wide variety of places to visit, especially historical and cultural. Monuments and museums are the main leisure offerings, including a spectacular zoo that offers something totally different from what you can see in the rest of the city. It is the Giza Zoo , one of the most beautiful in Egypt and where you can see exotic animals both international and local.

This zoo is one of the most animals in the world, as well as one of the most beautiful. It is very close to Cairo and has more than 300,000 square meters among which there is a great variety of animals and plants. The idea of ​​opening it began in the 19th century, becoming since its opening a very special place that is visited by almost all tourists who come to the city. It also has a museum where you can discover many details about the specimens in the zoo.

Inside the zoo there are also several walking areas, with small cobbled streets where you can see exotic plants from many parts of the world that are combined with the best species of Egyptian plants. The zoo is also home to various species of birds and wild animals from across the African continent, many of these birds being endangered species.

The main objective of this park is that all the animals can feel like in their natural habitat , reproducing different environments so that each species can achieve it since there are some that later return to their habitats. The Giza Zoo also functions as a research center in which the behaviors of various wild animals are studied, as well as looking for the best ways to preserve the local flora and fauna.