The best destinations to live unique experiences

We really want to travel, why are we going to fool ourselves. The quarantine has forced us to stay at home and we are waiting for the day when we can leave our city to see the world. Luckily there is not much left, and that is why it is convenient to dream more strongly than ever with the aim of planning getaways and vacations that sooner rather than later we will enjoy in style. But of course, for these trips to be perfect and unforgettable, you always have to think about that extra that the experiences that you can live in the best destinations on the planet give you. Fancy a little inspiration? Don’t miss out on anything that comes next!

The best experiences are in Hellotickets

Before taking a look at all those destinations that you cannot miss, it is good to know that in Hellotickets all those experiences await us that make the trip go from being beautiful to being unique. For example, you can fly over Manhattan in a helicopter, go crazy with the best basketball in the world at Madison Square Garden in New York or attend the best Broadway musicals. Sounds good right?

When you access their website you will see that everything is very well organized, being able to search for both tickets and top destinations. Rome, London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​New York… There is always something going on in big cities that you shouldn’t miss, and thanks to Hellotickets you will find the lowest prices to travel in style.

New York

Who has never dreamed of walking around the Big Apple ? Its attractiveness makes millions of people visit it every year, which makes it one of the most touristic cities in the world. Best of all, you will never get bored, as there are plenty of things to do and the entertainment is adapted to all audiences. The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the One World Observatory, a tour of Harlem… Is it necessary to continue?



The city of light illuminates anyone. The beauty of its buildings, and the presence of what is probably the most beautiful monument in the world, make the French capital an idyllic destination to visit at any time of year. In addition to climbing the Eiffel Tower , you can also live unforgettable experiences such as seeing a show at the mythical Moulin Rouge or soaking up history at the Louvre Museum.


The Italian capital is also a gem in terms of experiences. It is living history and that is something that is breathed in every corner, especially around the Colosseum or in the Vatican, where the Sistine Chapel and the Papal Audience await you.


Another European capital like London should be on our wishlist . Boredom does not exist in a city where you can get a wonderful view from the London Eye or The Shard, of course there are those who prefer to don the Gryffindor scarf to attend a Harry Potter tour. Be that as it may, what is clear is that you will always know what to do to make the most of your stay in the British capital.