The most dangerous volcanoes in the world

Lately the issue of volcanoes is very fashionable, especially because of the one on the Canary Island of El Hierro, which has been erupting for a while but does not seem to have finished coming out yet. That is why today I would like to talk to you about those that are considered the most dangerous volcanoes in the world but are also the most famous.

They are considered the most dangerous because even if they have not been active for a long time, it cannot be predicted if or when they will one day erupt again. Take note of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world and what is special about them:

Mount Etna : It is in Sicily and it is the most active in the world since it has constant eruptions, although none of great danger in recent years and people take advantage of the land they release for plowing since it is very fertile.

Mount Vesuvius : It is in Italy and is very famous for an eruption that it had in ancient times and that totally buried two cities and all their inhabitants (Herculaneum and Pompeii). It is the volcanic area with the largest number of inhabitants in the world, with about 3 million people in its surroundings.

Sakurajima : This Japanese volcano has maintained a constant eruption for 50 years and is dangerously close to a city with a large population, Kagoshima, although it is true that its eruptions are not of sufficient level to harm the city or its inhabitants .
Mauna Loa : This Hawaiian volcano is one of the largest in the world and also one of the most destructive, with a history of very violent and catastrophic eruptions, although it has not caused any deaths or eruptions of great consequence for 60 years.

Galeras : It is in Colombia and is another of the most active in the world, although the closest city has never suffered damage from lava but has been covered with volcanic ash every time it erupts, which forces the inhabitants to wear masks to be able to breathe.