Tenerife leads a European astrotourism project

Would you also like to be able to look at the stars ? Unfortunately, this gesture has become an almost impossible exercise in the vast majority of cities. Therefore, it is always a pleasure to go to one of those places where it is possible to enjoy the contemplation of the night sky.

One of the places where you will most enjoy looking at the stars is in Tenerife, where the quality of the sky is indisputable, something that corroborates the presence of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) and the Izaña observatory complex. In addition, now the island is going to lead a European astrotourism project. Do you want to know what it consists of?

Create astrotouristic routes

The Cabildo of the Canary Island, through Turismo de Tenerife, has been designated as the entity responsible for leading the European project EUSky Route , whose objective is to create astrotourism routes in the different participating territories that give value to their astronomical heritage and their associated resources.


Objectives of the project

In addition to Tenerife, seven other entities are part of the initiative. They come from Poland, Italy (with two members), Portugal, Bulgaria and Greece. EUSky Route is funded by the European Commission and allows tourists new possibilities during their vacations, which will result in the revaluation of the destination and in the diversification of options available to them.

In addition, it seeks to incorporate new professional profiles to the cultural tourism offer and to promote the development of a mobility system based on sustainability and respect for the environment.

Five observation routes

The project contemplates the establishment of five sky and star observation routes in the participating regions, suitable for families, groups of friends or the elderly. The project participants will hold their first meeting at the end of January in Tenerife, in which the different activities to be developed for the creation of the astronomical routes will be established, the deadline of which has been set at 18 months.