The airports with the best WiFi in the world

Airport WiFi
One of the worst things when it comes to air travel is long waits at the airport. Fortunately, today we have the invaluable support of mobile phones, laptops and tablets, which help us pass the time while our plane departs. Of course, not all airports offer free WiFi to be able to connect to the Internet and thus be able to check our emails or find out the latest news. In fact, in most European airports they offer the freemium policy, which means that travelers can connect for free for a while, although to use it for longer, users must register and pay.

If you are one of those travelers who usually arrive at airports early because of what may happen and spend long periods of time waiting for boarding time to arrive, you may be interested in the study carried out by the Jetcost travel search engine on the airports with the best WiFi of the world that we show you below. Would you like to join us?

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