The beautiful natural hot springs of Saturnia, in Italy

As you know, Tuscany is full of beautiful landscapes that leave the traveler truly amazed. Forests, vineyards and country houses have earned this Italian region a well-deserved fame. However, what not many people know is that in Tuscany you can also enjoy freely accessible restorative waters in the picturesque villages of Val d’Orcia.

One of these “secret” places is Saturnia, some pools of sulphurous water of more than 37ºC that flow in a staggered way, with the forest as shelter, thanks to the inactive volcano of Amiata . Do you want to discover more about this wonderful place?

Excellent healing properties

According to legend, the baths of Saturnia, located in the Tuscan town of Manciano , were formed after a battle between the gods Jupiter and Saturn, due to the wounds of the earth caused by the rays and darts that were thrown. Beyond legend, these hot springs are known for their excellent therapeutic properties, thanks to the fact that elements such as sulfur, carbon, sulfate and alkaline bicarbonate can be found in their composition.


A little exploited paradise

Perhaps the best thing about this place is that it is not exploited by tourism . In fact, there is no entrance fee, there is no asphalt parking or lighting when night falls. Of course, there are centers and spas in the area that use these waters to offer different relaxing and beneficial treatments for the body.

Better late in the afternoon

We recommend that you go in the late afternoon to avoid being too hot and to be able to contemplate the sunset from one of the seats formed by the rocks in the water.

Then we leave you with our gallery , where you can contemplate some beautiful images of the natural hot springs of Saturnia.