Sicily Guide

Sicily is the largest island in the entire Mediterranean Sea with almost 26,000 kilometers, having an enormous archaeological wealth thanks to the great past it has had with the Greeks, Carthaginians, Arabs, Byzantines, French and Spanish, who at different times fell in love with its wonderful lands and landscapes. If you are going to travel to Italy, without a doubt visiting Sicily is one of the best options since you will find a wonderful place to spend your holidays.

Within the island of Sicily you have many things to visit, so I will tell you the most important ones so that you do not miss them:

Syracuse : It is on the eastern coast of the island and was the most important Greek city of those in Sicily. There you can see places such as the Temple of Apollo, the Fountain of Arethusa, the Roman Amphitheater or the Tomb of Archimedes, which is in the Groticelli Necropolis. 3 kilometers from the city is the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Agrigente : Its Valley of the Temples, a World Heritage Site, is the best preserved in the world. There are tourist routes to visit the six temples, and it is also recommended that you follow the route to know all its history.

Taormina : It is a wonderful city with a Greek theater from which you can see the Etna volcano to perfection. Its streets are completely medieval, with narrow alleys and a lot of old palaces.

Etna Volcano : It is the largest active volcano in Europe and you can access the summit by cable car.
Catania : It is at the foot of Etna and is an authentic landscape wonder with Greek and Roman ruins and lava flows. Due to the eruptions it was almost completely rebuilt in the 18th century.

Palermo : It is the capital and there you will find the purest and most magical of the island with its inhabitants, its palaces, its narrow streets. The Quatro Canti square is in the Spanish baroque style, in the Pretoria square you will see a lot of classic statues and you can also visit places like the church of San Giovanni degli Eremeti, the Massino Theater or the Capuchin Museum with its famous catacombs. In this city there is a lot to see so it would be ideal for you to stay for a couple of days.

As for Sicilian cuisine , fishing is wonderful on the island, so you can try delicacies based on red mullet, grouper, sea bream, tuna, crayfish, prawns, oysters and more Mediterranean fish, as well as other products such as vegetables, tomatoes and another type of wonderful food for the Mediterranean diet.