Tips for traveling to Colombia

Tourism in Colombia , for decades, has been affected by the insecure conditions that the country is experiencing. Civil conflicts, guerrilla activities, and frequent outbreaks of violence have made this country one of the most dangerous regions in South America . These conditions, little by little, are changing. The number of tourists visiting the country increased from 0.5 million in 2003 to 1.4 million in 2010.

The efforts made by the government to promote peace are primarily responsible for this change. Before going into the information on tourism and related aspects, let’s find more information about Colombia. The main language in Colombia is Spanish. Tourists from Europe and the United States can use Colombia’s national airline Avianca (AV) to travel to the country.

El Dorado International Airport is located 8 kilometers east of the capital of Colombia, Bogotá . Once you arrive at the airport, you can use the buses and taxis to get to the heart of the city. If you need to withdraw money, remember that you can use the ATMs that, for security reasons, are inside the banks. The country code for Colombia is 57.

Tourists can buy gold, platinum and other valuable objects without problem, however, they have to present proof of purchase when leaving the country. It is important to take preventive measures related to health before traveling to any foreign country. Colombia does not pose any major health problems for tourists, however getting a tetanus and hepatitis booster is always highly recommended.