Tips for traveling to Canada

North America has fantastic destinations where you can discover a lot of incredible corners and with a lot of beauty. One of these places is Canada , a country that earns a lot in tourism every year thanks in part to its nature, the tranquility you have there and the great security that there is. If you are going to travel to Canada, take note of these tips so that you can have everything well prepared:

Climate : Winters are very harsh and with very low temperatures in most of the country, although in other places they have warmer temperatures. Being a large country they have a lot of diversity both in winter and in summer, when they reach the highest and most pleasant temperatures.

Passport and visas : As to go to the United States, being Spanish you will only need a valid passport and with at least 6 months ahead of it before it expires. You do not need any special visa if you are going to be less than three months.

Diversity : In Canada there are many resources so you can do a lot of activities according to your preferences, from adventure tourism to natural, cultural or romantic activities.

Cities : The most important cities for tourism are Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and Calgary, although in reality every corner of the country has a lot to offer you.

Currency : It is the dollar and there are a lot of places where you can change the currency, although I recommend that you make accounts before leaving and that you change it in your usual bank since it is much safer and you will probably it will be cheaper.

Language : There are two official languages ​​depending on the area of ​​the country and they are English and French, although almost anywhere you can understand both without any problem.