The best beaches in Benidorm

With the cold present in almost all of Spain for several weeks, it is time to think about next year’s holidays, especially if you want a sun and beach destination as it will help you to better cope with the winter months. The other day I was telling you about some of the beaches in Valencia and today I would like to tell you about those in Benidorm , a town in Alicante that is one of the most important tourist destinations in our country.

On the beaches of Benidorm you will find an excellent combination of sun, fun, good vibes and much more, which will make your vacation unforgettable days of rest. Next I will give you the details of the best beaches in Benidorm so that you can know what each of them offers you and thus choose the best one for you. Take note:

Playa de Levante : It is also known as "the beach of dawn" thanks to the fact that there are usually people there until the early hours of the morning, mainly because in its surroundings there are several entertainment venues where you can dine, have a drink or throw you a dance. It has a promenade full of bars, cafes, restaurants and shops, which means that there are always many people. During the summer they organize various entertainment activities, especially for the little ones.
Poniente Beach : If you like tranquility, you will like this beach more than the previous one since it is not as crowded or has so many things around it. It is ideal to go alone, as a couple or with children since it is very clear and does not have rocks or anything to worry about too much. From here you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in the Mediterranean.
Mal Pas Beach : It is not as well known as the previous ones but it is highly recommended since it is very quiet and the landscape is fantastic. It is at the foot of the port and the castle cliffs, it is small and offers you an atmosphere of total relaxation, making it ideal to go alone or as a couple.