The best beaches of Haría in Lanzarote

In the Canary Islands there are a lot of places where you can enjoy spectacular beaches, something that you can combine with a very varied tourism since each island is different and they all have a lot to offer. Today I would like to get closer to the municipality of Haría , on the island of Lanzarote (the most volcanic island of all).

Haría is in the north of the island and it is the area where it rains the most on the entire island, but even so the weather is very good almost all year round. It has many beaches, many of them perfect for windsurfing. Take note of the best beaches in Haría :

Caleta de Mero : it is half a kilometer long and 30 meters wide, all made of white sand. It is semi nudist and really nice mountains of dunes are formed that can be seen on both sides from the road.

La Canteria Beach : it is also known as the “back beach” and it is the northernmost beach of the entire island. It is perfect for surfers, especially when the wind comes from the southern part of the island. The waves are also very strong so if you like quiet beaches it is better that you choose another.

Playa de Caletón Blanco : it is the largest cove on the entire coastline of the Malpaís de la Corona area, hence the name “Caletón”. It is white sand and contrasts sharply with the black lava rocks. Its length is one kilometer and its width is only 9 meters.
La Caleta Beach : it stretches along the part of the coast where the mouth of the volcanic tubes of Malpaís de la Corona is located, next to the beautiful Jameos del Agua. It is very small (60 meters in length and 7 in width). It is also good for windsurfing as it has moderate waves and is in an area where it is usually windy.

La Garita Beach : it is one of the best on the island, and good proof of this is that it has the Blue Flag. It is made of fine, golden sand and is just over 800 meters long. It also has a promenade with leisure offers such as restaurants, bars or a playground. There are also bathrooms and a parking area.