The best islands in the Mediterranean

The islands of the Mediterranean are one of the favorite destinations for millions of tourists every year, especially thanks to the spectacular natural landscapes and its paradisiacal beaches. In the Mediterranean there are hundreds of islands, many of them virgin, which will undoubtedly make your vacation an unforgettable experience and which are also perfect for traveling alone, as a family or as a couple.

It would be impossible to make an article with all the islands in the Mediterranean , but I would like to make a compilation of the best and most famous so that you know which ones are preferred by tourists. Take note:


It is the most famous Greek island, something logical since it is spectacular in its entirety and has many things to offer to any tourist who visits it. Both its beaches and its natural environment have a unique spectacularity, in addition to the fact that in its cities it also has impressive architecture. In its main city, Rhodes, you will find a medieval place with narrow streets, fortresses , monasteries and religious temples, all of which makes you move to another era.


Island of crete
It is another of the most popular Mediterranean islands and one that is also in constant tourist growth. Among its main attractions, in addition to the beaches and Nature, are the Minoan archaeological sites that you can find throughout the island. They highlight Spinalonga , an ancient fortress that is in Elounda, and the Arkadi Monastery, that is in Rethymon.


Another of the Greek islands that receives many visitors, thanks mainly to the fact that it is on the routes of many of the cruises that are made through the Mediterranean. In Santorini you will find a perfect island for your honeymoon or a romantic getaway, although it must also be said that there are many people in any corner, so if you are looking for privacy it is better to choose another destination.


Italian island that is also a destination for many cruise passengers and that offers some of the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean, especially when sunset arrives. Its rocky cliffs are especially attractive, and you can find several all over the island.


This Spanish island is among the best thanks to its great natural beauty and the beauty of its buildings, with many white houses in a typically Mediterranean style. It has a great fame also when it comes to parties, being one of the main options for young people during the summer.


Another Greek island to close the article and that is also characterized by having a lot of festive atmosphere , in this case at any time of the year. What really stands out about Mykonos are its beaches, all of them spectacular.