The best getaways in the Mediterranean

You are not always lucky enough to be able to enjoy a long vacation, and if you do, you may not be able to go to the place you want for as long as you would like, mainly for financial reasons. That is why getaways are more fashionable every day, since even if they are only a couple of days, in that little time you can disconnect from the routine and get to know a different city.

In the Mediterranean there is a great variety of destinations with a lot of magic and charm that will make you enjoy unforgettable days if you visit them. Medieval cities, incredible landscapes, paradisiacal beaches … all kinds of places full of magic where you can rest even for just a couple of days. Take note of the best destinations for a Mediterranean getaway :

Kotor Bay

It is the most important and spectacular natural treasure in Montenegro and the Dalmatian Coast , with a landscape similar to that of the Norwegian Fjords. A place with a unique charm that is in the city of Kotor, where there are beautiful and steep streets with many places of interest. In the bay there are several beaches, such as Sutomore or Ulcink, and two very small islands, Gospa od Skrpjela and Sveti Djordje.


This island is located off the coast of Tunisia and is a paradise in which there are several mosques, restaurants, cafes, shops, markets, synagogues … As for the natural landscape, the Palm Grove of Guellala and the Sidi Bakur Beach stand out. You can take camel excursions to discover the most spectacular natural corners of the island.


It is in Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea, and the port is the most interesting and busiest area in the entire city. Its landscape is typically Mediterranean, with white houses lined up and facing the sea, as well as numerous squares with terraces and trees. Of its beaches, the one of Kumbahçe stands out, from which you can make several boat trips to discover the most interesting islets on the coast.


It is a small fishing village with a lot of charm that is in Italy, in the province of Genoa . It is a vacation destination chosen by a multitude of celebrities and people of Italian high society since it is very quiet and has great beauty. Despite being a small fishing village, you can find many luxury shops.