Travel to Pitigliano in Italy

In Italy there are countless places that are worth visiting, in fact any Italian destination has something that makes it special. Today I would like to write about a destination that is not well known but that is truly beautiful: Pitigliano , a charming town in Tuscany, nestled on a volcanic mountain and with a spectacular landscape.

Around this volcanic mountain there are Etruscan remains and vestiges of the medieval and Renaissance period that the city lived, which gives it a truly special touch. There is a local guide who has become very famous as he organizes fantastic routes to discover the best of the city, passing through places such as the medieval gate in the old town, the Orsini Palace or the Church of San Rocco, from which you they can see the remains of an aqueduct from several centuries ago.

La Piccola Gerusalemme

Pitigliano is also known as "Little Jerusalem" thanks to the medieval style , very similar to that of Jerusalem and which brought great cultural and social advances to the people. In its narrow streets you can see a lot of beautiful houses and enjoy the landscape of the hills full of chestnut, olive and pine trees. One of the most important tourist activities is to take a tour of the caves and tunnels from the time of the Etruscans.

Interesting surroundings

It won’t take long to see the whole town as it is small, with just over 4,000 inhabitants and an area of ​​about 100 square kilometers. Nearby you can visit other interesting municipalities such as Ischia di Castro, Manciano, Sorano, Valentano, Farnese or Latera. More than for a complete vacation, it is an ideal destination to take a tour of the best towns in the Tuscany region. You sure won’t be disappointed.