The best places to ski in Europe

Winter arrived a couple of weeks ago and, with it, the drop in temperatures. This season is ideal for holidays in the snow, especially for those who like to ski . With the arrival of the new year, all the ski resorts always begin to fill with tourists, so today I would like to make a brief summary of the best places in Europe to practice this sport.

When choosing a destination to go skiing, you have to be very careful since there are many factors that you must take into account. The most important is the type of slopes at each station, especially if your level as a skier is not very advanced as it could spoil your trip. It is also important that it is a place where the accommodation is close to the slopes and that the leisure offers are interesting, especially if you are traveling as a family.

Skiing in France

It is one of the closest destinations when leaving Spain, and it has places that are perfect for it. In Courchevel you will find one of the best centers for skiing since it is a very complete resort that has four different areas that are connected by buses and chair lifts. It is perfect for both newbies and experts. Another perfect place is Val D’Isere , although in this case only for experts since its slopes are more complex. The views here are spectacular.

Skiing in Austria

Another very interesting country with several perfect places for skiing, such as Igls , in Innsbruck. There you will find one of the best centers in all of Europe and with slopes for all levels of skiers. Soll is also interesting, another destination for beginners that also has a ski school where you will learn everything you need to become an expert.

Skiing in Switzerland

In Switzerland you may find the most spectacular places to ski since their landscapes are impressive in all of them. In Kandersteg and Wegen you will find two of the best known and most complete destinations, also having slopes for all kinds of levels.

Skiing in Spain

In our country you can find several tracks but the most famous, and best rated, are Baqueira Beret and Sierra Nevada . Thousands of people make a getaway every year to enjoy a couple of days in the snow, and now that we are in January it is the perfect time to do so.