The curious customs of North Korea

North Korea is not only one of the most secretive and isolated countries on the planet, it is also one of the most repressive. And it is that their control tactics include arbitrary arrests, torture, work in prison camps and public executions. Of course, contact with the outside world is also restricted.

Despite everything that we have just told you, this country can be visited by foreigners and, in fact, some 10,000 tourists travel to North Korea every year, attracted by the mystery and secrecy that surround this territory, which, in addition, it is interesting on a monumental level. In addition, it preserves its culture intact, as it has not been affected by globalization and is not influenced by other cultures. To give you a better understanding of this destination, today we are going to talk to you about some of its most curious customs . Can you come with us?

Tourists cannot go alone

The first thing we want to comment on is that tourists must be accompanied, usually by two guides, who have to take turns and attend to the traveler in question 24 hours a day. What’s more, they reside in the same hotel. Only people who have the confidence of the country can move quietly.


Your photos can be deleted

While you may be able to take photos on your trip to North Korea, government officials may ask you to remove them if they present a poor image of the country. Therefore, to avoid problems, it is best that you always ask the guide if a photo is suitable or not. Of course, the same goes for video cameras.

No traffic lights

Surprisingly, in North Korea there are no traffic lights. Those in charge of controlling the country’s traffic are the police officers . Of course, it must be borne in mind that the only ones who have permission to have vehicles are military officials.

Three generations of punishment

We also want to comment that in North Korea if a person is sent to a detention camp, his family is also punished . In fact, the government has the right to punish up to a total of three generations.

Marijuana is legal

Although we are talking about one of the most repressive destinations on the planet, North Korea allows the cultivation and consumption of marijuana. In fact, along with the Netherlands, Bangladesh and Uruguay, it is one of the most flexible countries when it comes to cannabis.


The displays of affection are frowned upon

On the other hand, it is important that you bear in mind that in this country certain expressions of affection are not well regarded. Therefore, if you travel with your partner, you should not kiss or hug each other, since it is something that is considered disrespectful.

Eat in silence

For Koreans, food is very important, as well as silent. Therefore, when it comes to eating it is better that you do not talk and that you taste the food well. If you talk to Koreans during lunch, they will most likely not even answer you, so it is better to wait for the after-dinner.

Koreans must pay tribute to the statues of Kim Il-sung

Another curious custom is that Koreans are obliged to pay tribute to the statues of Kim Il-sung, the founder of the country and "Eternal President", and his son, Kim Jong-il, grandfather and father of the current dictator, Kim Jong-un. It is so much the respect and deification of these leaders that the guides warn tourists to remove the statues without cutting any of their parts.


20 allowed haircuts

Finally, we want to comment that only 28 haircuts are allowed. What’s more, single women should always have short hair and dyeing is not allowed.