The Descent of the Sella, a recommended stop if you go to Asturias

The International Descent of the Sella, has become the most popular summer festival in Asturias . It is celebrated on the first Saturday after August 2. And its route is about 20 km along the waters of the River Sella , between the Asturian towns of Arrionda and Rivadesella.

But this descent is not a simple competition. Thousands of people from all over the world have descended this river in the months from early spring to late fall. Going down the Sella means enjoying a wonderful landscape and views, and allows you to bathe in its waters or eat and sunbathe on its banks. It can be a very quiet place, but if you have a competitive soul, you can also find a rival among all those who are there, to see who makes the descent in the shortest time.

There are many companies that there are dedicated to the organization of the river descents. These usually start in the mornings, starting at 11. And it is not necessary to form a group to go out. It consists of about 15 km, which is approximately 3 or 4 hours including the possible stops that can be made. And you don’t have to worry about how to get back to the starting point, since the companies themselves pick you up in vans at the arrival points.

The price per person for this activity is between 18 and 23 euros, depending on the season and the company. But this price usually includes many things: the rental of the material, a picnic lunch, a short explanatory course, insurance for the activity and the aforementioned return trip. A good price to spend a fun and different day with your family or friends.