The dirtiest hotels in 2009 by country

TripAdvisor users have been able to make a somewhat curious vote. Leaving aside the luxury and the most paradisiacal places, they have had to vote for the dirtiest hotels of 2009 country by country . It is clear that many times we look at the price when hiring a room. However, I think that keeping cleanliness in mind is essential. This list may help you know where you don’t have to go.

In the United States the palm has been taken by the Hotel Carter , located in New York. In France the Hotel Merryl , located in the capital of the country. In the UK the dirtiest for users has been the Cromwell Crown in London, in Germany the Hotel Modern in Munich, in Italy the Hotel Nizza in Rome, in Thailand the First Hotel in Bangkok and in India the Hotel Centaur in New Delhi.

Now you may wonder… which is the dirtiest hotel in Spain according to TripAdvisor users? Well, that very undesirable distinctive has been taken by the Hotel Playamar de S’illot , in Mallorca. The images that you can see are all of this hotel and have been posted on TripAdvisor by those who have been customers of it.