The Galeries Lafayette in Paris

The Galeries Lafayette are commercial galleries that are in Paris , behind the famous Opera building, and they are a real spectacle. I have already visited them on a couple of occasions and they seem to me to be something really exceptional although, unfortunately, they are not for all budgets. Of course, as much as you do not go shopping there, the simple fact of visiting them is already a wonder, just like the Harrods in London.

Paris is considered one of the main European cities for shopping, and it is that more than 120 million people visit it every year. In these galleries you can find fashion, decoration, art, gastronomy, beauty, leisure and much more, all distributed in an original and continuous way and that has nothing to do with any shopping center you have visited before (unless you have been at Harrods).

The building is spectacular and is divided into several floors, dominated by a spectacular dome that seems that instead of in a shopping center you are in a theater. There you will find prestigious firms such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, John Galliano, Prada, Thierry Mugler or Cristian Lacroix … all the best in the world in any shopping sector. It is also the space with the highest volume of sales and visits in Europe, with some 20 million visitors who come every year.

In Galeries Lafayette you can not only buy "the most of the most" but you can also eat at its restaurant, visit one of its exhibitions , go to a record or book signing or enjoy a spectacular fashion show . The restaurants are very remarkable, no less than 26 with all kinds of gastronomic offers and the best chefs. There is from a basic restaurant for a low budget to a luxury one, another with home delivery, one with culinary specialties from around the world or another where you can enjoy all kinds of tastings.