The island of Boracay in the Philippines

Traveling the world we can find truly spectacular beaches, those beaches that are "postcard", paradisiacal corners that it seems impossible that they could be so beautiful. Some of those amazing beaches can be found in Boracay , in the Philippines, a beach with blue waters so crystal clear that they seem transparent and with white sand that seems a perfect mat on which to lie down to sunbathe.

The Philippines has become in recent years one of the favorite destinations for Western tourists, especially those who love beaches and natural landscapes. An exotic destination that is also very well priced, making it very attractive. In fact, more and more couples decide to travel there on their honeymoon instead of going to Mexico, the typical wedding destination par excellence.

How to get

Boracay is an island with an idyllic landscape that is close to the island of Panay, one of the best known Philippine islands. To get there you must go to Kalibo airport, the closest, and once there a boat will take you to Borocay. It is a short and safe journey, and without a doubt they are worth the inconvenience since being on the island you will see incredible landscapes.


The island

Boracay is a totally tourist island, which makes it more and more expensive because it grows in tourists every year, but the truth is that it is not as expensive as other very famous ones. The inhabitants live from tourism and there are hotels and all kinds of accommodation that fit any budget, as well as having several souvenir shops, bars or restaurants.


Their beaches

The beaches of Boracay are spectacular, the kind where you can feel the magic just by stepping on it. In any of its beaches you will feel incredible, being able to enjoy a unique landscape that you will rarely have the luck to see in person in your life.