The beaches of the Morrocoy Keys

Some time ago we wrote an article about the Morrocoy National Park, in Venezuela , and today I would like to return to that place but to write about one of its beaches, a piece of land and sea with incredible beauty. The park attracts thousands of tourists every year thanks to the spectacular nature of its landscape, in which the turquoise and transparent sea stands out, which transmits magic to you as soon as you look at it.

Once inside the park, there are several piers from which you can leave by boat for some of the nearby islands or, in this case, for the Morrocoy Keys . For a large percentage of visitors, this place is the most interesting in the entire park, and the truth is that they are not without reason since it is spectacular, especially if you like to enjoy the hours of sunshine outdoors.

To do

In the Morrocoy Keys you will not only be able to enjoy a relaxing bath and enviable landscapes but you will also be able to do a few activities. What stands out the most are water sports, especially diving , one of the most practiced in the keys thanks to the immense and impressive seabed in the area. You can also make several excursions to visit some of the nearby islets , where there is a great variety of flora and fauna.

The environment

If you want accommodation in the area of ​​the keys, it is best to choose towns such as Chichiriviche or Tucacas, which are from which the park is best enjoyed and you can organize daily excursions without being too far away. The best way not to miss a single corner of the park is to hire a tour through it, especially if you like birds or admire very diverse vegetation. To go from one islet to another, you hire boats or you go in a small boat with a fisherman.