The most curious museums in Europe

Museums are one of the main points of interest in any city, be it art, historical or any singular theme. Today I would like to focus on the latter, curious museums that do not have the fame of others but that will undoubtedly be worth visiting thanks to their originality. In them you will not find paintings by great painters or masterpieces by any sculptor, but you will undoubtedly love visiting them.

Rare museums that in many cases only exist in those cities, and that is precisely what also makes them so special. Take note of the most curious in Europe :

Bread Museum

This museum is in Ulm (Germany), and in it you can discover all the details about the history of bread. An extensive exhibition with more than 18,000 objects, including pieces of bread from different parts of the world and old bakery machinery from all times. Objects that are thousands of years old and that are wonderful.

Dog Collar Museum

It is in Leeds , in the Uido Kingdom, and is perfect for dog lovers. It is located in Leeds Castle and was inspired by the love that the castle’s last owner had for his dogs. In it there are more than 100 unique necklaces that are an authentic jewel and that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world.

Museum of Medieval Torture

It is in Prague and in it you can find a great variety of instruments and machinery that were used for torture centuries ago. More than 60 instruments that were used for heretics to confess their betrayals and sins. The visit lasts about 45 minutes and you can even watch a tutorial to learn how each of the devices works. The most successful is a head crusher … I think you can imagine what they used it for.

Hair Museum

It is in Avanos , Turkey, and it is a small cave that in its ceiling houses locks of hair of more than 16,000 women, each one with a note detailing their origin. It seems creepy to me, typical of a serial killer movie that collects samples of his victims. It is one of the most famous in the region.