The most touristic places in Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru
If we can characterize a country like Peru for something, it is for its immense diversity of places as well as the beauty of its landscapes. In addition to counting travelers with the kindness of its people, the country is full of a dense and very rich history that cannot go unnoticed by any tourist visiting its lands.

If the day comes when you decide to visit a country like Peru, you should know that there are certain very important places that you cannot miss. It is true that many of them are separated by great distances that you can only travel if you have enough time. If not, you have to choose among the ones that most attract your attention. Even so, it is difficult to draw up a closed list with those places that may be most important or representative of the country. In any case, below we offer you some of the most touristy ones .

The already world-famous Machu Pichu (place that appears in the image) could not be missing from this list. But there are many others such as the Sacsayhuaman (in Cuzco), the Santa Catalina Monastery (in Arequepisa) or the Manu National Park . Also important are Lake Titicaca , the I sla de los Uros , San Blas , Huacaypata , the Nasca Lines , Santa Rosa de Quives , Celendín , the Tambopat Reserve , the Cathedral of Cuzco , Qhapagñan and finally the Colca Canyon. .

All of these are undoubtedly places of great beauty and mysticism . Places with great charm and rarity. Packed with a unique architecture . Full of nature, so they will allow you to breathe a totally different air than you may be used to. If you visit any of them you can recreate your own imagination thanks to the reality that you have in front of you and that will seem almost like an illusion.