The Parc Asterix in Paris

When you travel to Paris, you will find plenty of places of interest and attractions where you can spend a fantastic vacation. When it comes to theme parks, it is clear that Eurodisney takes the cake and is a must see no matter how old you are, but if you have days to spare or if you have already been and want to see others, I recommend Parc Astérix .

As you may have deduced from its name, it is a park that is inspired by Asterix and all the characters from the famous comic. It is the second largest theme park in the city and is about 30 kilometers north of the French capital. Open since 1989, it is also one of the most visited theme parks in the world thanks to its great quality and variety.

In the Parc Astérix you will find 27 attractions of all kinds, among which several roller coasters of different shapes and levels stand out. There are also several walking areas and everything is inspired by historical cultures such as the Greeks or the Romans, with entertainment for the whole family that includes various shows in addition to the attractions. During your visit, you will not only discover everything about Asterix, but you will also learn many details about the mythology and Gallic history.

One of the park’s most successful attractions is the Epidemais Croisières , which takes you on a boat ride during which you will meet all the characters from the comic. In Les Espions de César you will get on chairs that go on a rail and that allow you to enjoy the landscape from the heights, while Forêt des Druides the little ones will enjoy an area specially dedicated for them in which there are many games.