The roller coasters arrive with virtual reality

roller coasters virtual reality
Little by little we are seeing how virtual reality is gaining more ground. Until now, there were few applications of this technology that is responsible for creating environments parallel to reality in which subjects can interact with space and time created by a computer. However, in recent times we have been able to verify that numerous successful projects have emerged, most of them related to video games. Of course, it is important to bear in mind that virtual reality can be applied to many areas: education, medicine, communication, the army …

Today at Vuela Viajes we want to talk to you about another use of virtual reality that will be present in different countries of the world sooner than we think, although for the moment it will only be applied in the United States and Canada. We are referring to virtual reality on roller coasters, as Samsung has announced a collaboration with Six Flags , one of the largest amusement park chains in the world. We will tell you more details below!

A great competition between amusement parks

You may not know it, but there is a lot of competition between manufacturers and amusement parks around the world, especially when it comes to roller coasters, as they all want to create the most amazing experience, usually because it is terrifying. And it is that one of the peculiarities of this type of attractions is that, the more they make people suffer, the more they like them. Of course, in any case, the design of the roller coasters is a true marvel of imagination, technology and engineering.

roller coasters virtual reality1

Mountains with virtual reality glasses

Well, as a result of this competition, the collaboration has arisen between the chain of amusement parks Six Flags and Samsung, one of the companies that is betting the most on virtual reality technology. Thanks to this agreement, over the next few months we will be able to see the first roller coasters that will allow us to use virtual reality glasses (the Gear VR from Samsung) in order to face the attractions in a different way. Best of all, these will be experiences created specifically for each roller coaster.

On nine roller coasters

Apparently, Six Flags will initially apply virtual reality to nine roller coasters, of which six will be brand new, so they will be manufactured specifically to take full advantage of this technology. The name chosen for these new attractions is “The New Revolution”. The other three mountains in which virtual reality glasses will be allowed will be existing attractions focused on the Superman theme. It will be attractions located in Arlington, Atlanta, San Antonio, Massachusetts, Maryland, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Lake George and Montreal.

roller coasters virtual reality2

Save the Earth

According to the famous chain of amusement parks, the world invented for new attractions will consist of a futuristic battle that will aim to save planet Earth from an alien invasion. Logically, the theme of the Superman roller coasters will be related to the superhero. Of course, the use of Samsung glasses will be totally optional, so the attractions can also be enjoyed in the traditional way. We do not know when these roller coasters with virtual reality will be launched, although we have learned that people who have the annual pass will be able to have access to the technical tests prior to the opening to the public. Then we leave you with the video that the amusement park chain has prepared to show a preview of what its virtual reality roller coasters will be. Do not miss it!

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