The Royal Palace of Brussels

Brussels , capital of Belgium, is more than 1,000 years old and is the main tourist destination in that country. In addition, it is also the capital of the European Commission so it has become a very cosmopolitan city inhabited by different cultures and languages. A fascinating city with much to discover.

Among the many attractions and places of interest in Brussels is the Royal Palace , the official residence of the Belgian royal family and located in the heart of the city. Currently they no longer use it as an official residence since the King and his family moved to the Royal Castle of Laeken , on the outskirts of the city, although it must be said that King Baudouin works in the Royal Palace.

The Royal Palace of Brussels is in the Great Square , specifically in a place that separates the palace from the rest of the square and opposite the Federal Parliament, the country’s other form of government. King William I, monarch of the Netherlands, decided in 1815 to rebuild several houses in the area to turn them into a royal palace, works that were completed in 1829 and the following year Belgium became independent and King Leopold I already began to use it as your official residence.

The last works left it in its current state in 1903 although it was in 1935 when the royal family decided to move to the castle of Laeken and exercise only state functions in the royal palace, something that continues to happen today, in addition to serving as a residence. of the crown prince. Finally, inside the palace is the Belle-Vue Museum , where you can learn about the history of all the Belgian royal dynasties.