The spectacular Canadian Rockies

If you like mountainous landscapes and you really enjoy when you are in front of them, without a doubt you should visit the Rocky Mountains in Canada at least once in your life, a perfect place for nature lovers. Inside they house no less than 5 National Parks, and the entire complex (except for one park) was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO several years ago.

Four of those parks are intertwined, which leaves an impressive landscape. The 4 parks that are World Heritage Sites are Banff National Park , Jasper National Park, Yoho National Park, and Kootenay National Park. The one that is not included by UNESCO is Waterton National Park and is further south, along the international border with the United States.

The Canadian Rockies are a subsystem of the Rocky Mountains , which cover part of the western coast of North America, northwestern Alaska, Canada, and all the way to the southwestern United States. The highest peak in the entire complex is in California and is Mount Whitney, with 4,421 meters of altitude.

The Canadian part is divided into several groups of mountain ranges that in turn have multiple mountain ranges, which leaves a really interesting and impressive picture. The most important are the Muskwa Ranges , Hart Ranges, Sir Alexander Area, Resthaven Group or Park Central North Ranges.

The Rocky Mountain sector in Canada runs through the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, and a small part of this sector is in the North American states of Idaho and Montana. The far north is in an idyllic location: the Liard River Plain in British Columbia.