The spectacular Irati Forest in Navarra

Irati Forest4
There are many of us who are looking forward to this time of year to enjoy the wonderful landscapes that we have in Spain. And it is that between our borders we can find beech, oak or chestnut trees crossed by rivers and full of lagoons and hidden monasteries that, although it is worth visiting them at any time of year, in autumn they shine more than ever thanks to the typical colors of the season autumnal, like ocher and reddish.

This season at Vuela Viajes we have already told you about two of the most beautiful forests on the peninsula (the Fageda d’en Jordà and the Hayedo de Montejo), although we still have more amazing landscapes to show you. One of them is the Selva de Irati , in Navarra, one of the largest beech forests in all of Europe. Would you like to meet him? Well, do not miss anything that we tell you below!

A place that has fascinated even Hemingway

La Selva de Irati is located very close to the Pyrenees and we are sure that you will be amazed. And, as we have told you before, it is one of the largest beech forests in Europe. In fact, as stated by the official Navarra Tourism website, it is the second largest and best preserved beech-fir forest on the entire continent, surpassed only by the Black Forest of Germany, which we already told you about in a chance. Such is its beauty that even Ernest Hemingway himself came to this place every year at the end of Sanfermines. In reality, it is a 17,000 hectare forest full of beech, fir, grassland and cool waters. In addition, its great ecological value must be taken into account. In fact, here we find the Mendilatz and Tristuibartea nature reserves and the Lizadoia integral reserve.

Irati Forest1

Walks and crossings for all ages

It will surely be difficult for you to choose one of the many routes that you can do in this beautiful place both on foot and by mountain bike. Best of all, you can find options for all ages, as well as ascents for the bravest and ideal activities for winter sports lovers, such as cross-country skiing in Abodi or snowshoeing. In addition, the Selva de Irati offers an offer of 16 marked trails where you can discover all the beauty of the environment. These are paths marked in green and white with information panels at the beginning and a route of less than 10 kilometers, so, as we have mentioned before, there are options for all ages. You can discover all the information about these routes on the Irati Forest website.

Forest of Irati3

Autumn, the best time to visit the Irati Forest

Although, as we have told you before, it is worth visiting this beautiful place at any time of the year, it is in autumn when you will enjoy its beauty the most . And the thing is that the Jungle is dyed in toasted colors, intense yellows and reds; and it is filled with chestnuts, mushrooms and dried leaves that form beautiful red carpets. It should also be taken into account that the amount of rainfall that takes place in this forest is translated into the flow of the streams and its spectacular waterfalls.

Irati Forest5


You can get to the Irati Forest by two accesses: from Orbaizeta, located in the Aezkoa valley, and from Ochagavía, in the Salazos valley. In both places you will find viewpoints where you can enjoy spectacular views. Then we leave you with our gallery , where you can find some beautiful images of the Irati Forest. Do not miss it!