The impressive Trail of the Peaks in Switzerland

Peak Walk by Tissot1
Who said that autumn and winter do not have good things? Yes, we already know that summer gives us the opportunity to sunbathe on the beach, take a dip in the pool and go out to beach bars or tapas. However, the coldest time of the year allows us to enjoy some truly amazing landscapes , such as autumn colored forests and snow-capped mountains.

Well, if yesterday we had the opportunity to show you one of the most beautiful forests in Spain, the Hayedo de Montejo in Madrid, today we move to the Swiss Alps so you can see the first suspension bridge in the world that is responsible for connecting two peaks of mountains: the Peak Walk by Tissot (the Path of the Peaks). As you can imagine, from it you will not only be able to enjoy incredible views of the Swiss Alps, but you will also experience vertigo. Do you want to know more about this spectacular bridge? Well, be very attentive!

Impressive measurements

Recently inaugurated in Switzerland, the Camino de los Picos has measures that, although at first glance they do not impress , they will if you are ever willing to cross it. And we are talking about 107 meters in length and 80 meters in width located no more and no less than 3,000 meters above sea level. Of course, it is at the same level as the most vertiginous viewpoints in the world that we showed you the other day, at least as far as vertigo is concerned.

Peak Walk by Tissot2

24 peaks on the horizon

But beyond the vertigo, this place offers truly incomparable views. In fact, 24 peaks of the Alps are on the horizon, so from few places you will be able to find views like these. Among them are the Eiger, the Jungfrau, the Matterhorn, the Monch and, of course, Mont Blanc. As for the trail, it starts at Viex Point Peak and ends at Scex Rouge Peak.

About $ 2 million

Apparently, this impressive construction, designed by the architect Mario Botta , cost around 2 million dollars. Of course, it must be taken into account that beyond the views and the vertigo that tourists can experience on the bridge, the Peak Walk by Tissot is an attraction in itself. It is added to the many other bridges and walkways with incredible views that can be found in the Swiss Alps where, without a doubt, lovers of nature and risk will greatly enjoy.

Peak Walk by Tissot3

How to get to the Camino de los Picos

You have different options to get to this impressive place. One of the easiest options is to take a bus from Gstaad to the Col du Pillon, although you can also take a train from Aigle to Les Diablerets and then a bus to the Col du Pillon. Here you will find a cable car that will take you up in two stages to the peak where the dizzying path begins.

Peak Walk by Tissot4

Check it out with your own eyes

As you have seen, more and more tourism companies offer vertigo experiences and connect travelers with the nature that surrounds them. Of course, those who dare to cross this bridge will be fulfilling both factors. Then we leave you with a video in which you can see with your own eyes the impressive views offered by the Peak Walk by Tissot.

Would you be able to cross the Path of Bridges?