Some of the highest peaks in the world

All of us have high aspirations and we want to reach the top of the world at some point in our lives. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to really be on top of the world? Climbing mountains and conquering the highest points in the world are challenges that some people decide to do in their lives. What drives these adventurous climbers to go through these extreme conditions?

We assume the sense of accomplishment and the feeling of reaching that nirvana that cannot be compared to anything else. The central and southern parts of Asia are home to the highest mountains in the world. More than 100 mountains with a height of at least 7,200 m are present in this area. The 14 peaks, which exceed 8,000 meters in height, are called eight thousand and are the highest mountains in the world.

One of the most important is Shisha Pangma . It is located in Tibet and has a height of 8,013 meters. At this height it is one of the lowest. Some 24 people have died trying to climb this mountain. Gasherbrum II , also known as K4, is located on the Pakistan-China border and is part of the Gasherbrum Massif. It is the third highest peak in the Karakoram range.

Broad Peak is part of the Gasherbrum massif itself, and is only 5 miles from the famous K2. The locals call it the Kangri Faichan. The mountain is called "wide peak" because its top is 1.5 km long. Gasherbrum I , also known as K5, is located in the Karakoram Himalayan region.