Speak English or American on travel

American English
You are going to take a trip to another country and you know that you are going to have to speak a lot in English. With a speaking population of more than 500 million, English is the first official language in 57 countries and is the second most widely spoken language in the world. It has its origin in Great Britain. It is important that when we go on a trip, we are clear about some keywords and phrases that can help us communicate .

The first known inhabitants of the United States were Native Americans (Indians). Then the Europeans came and colonized the country. The most influential in all respects were the British, and therefore English began to be spoken on all sides. Over time, even the language has changed slightly, and now we have British English and American English. Commonwealth countries use British English, while the rest of the world focuses more on American English .

Between the two, there are many words that actually have the same meaning but have different spellings, while many other words have a different spelling but mean the same thing. Let’s see some examples. Here is a small list of words that mean the same thing but are spelled differently:

– Banger / sausage
– Bloke / guy
– car boot / car trunk
– bin / trash can
– bonnet / hood
– car park / parking lot
– biscuit / cookie
– caravan / motor home
– chemist / pharmacist
– chips / fries
– cinema / movie theater
– crisps / potato chips
– dummy / pacifier
– football / soccer
– full stop / period
– flyover / overpass
– braces / suspenders
– holiday / vacation
– jam / jelly
– jumper / sweater
– lift / elevator

It is very important that you have all this found before arriving at your new vacation destination . Find out what kind of English is spoken in the area.