Cheap holidays for English tourists

Surely you are still wondering where you are going to go on vacation this year, right? New York, Canada, Berlin … Those who are quite clear this year are English tourists. Do you wonder why? Very easy. In the United Kingdom they have carried out a study to find out in which countries tourists can obtain a greater value for their currency. The study, carried out by The Post Office, explains that all those citizens who want to get more out of their money must travel to Jamaica, Egypt or Dubai.

According to data released a few days ago, these three destinations have seen their currencies drop drastically against the pound , which means that UK tourists can "consume" much more without spending so much money. A year ago, a pound could be exchanged in Jamaica by tourists for 103 dollars, today, that same pound is worth 125.

The British pound has also strengthened against the Egyptian pound by 14%, and compared to the UAE dirham by 13%. The Post Office has also analyzed in its study all those countries that offer the best value for money. The three countries that have achieved the title of cheapest destinations are: Hungary, Thailand and Bulgaria. The most expensive destination for English tourists is undoubtedly Brazil.

Regarding the euro zone, the cheapest country to spend a perfect and cheap vacation, can you imagine which one it is? Indeed, Spain .