What to see in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

One of the most attractive countries in the world for beach lovers is Brazil , a first-rate tourist destination that is visited by millions of people every year. A place where you can rest on paradisiacal beaches but where you can also party, undoubtedly another of the great attractions of almost any of the Brazilian cities.

Today I would like to write about Belo Horizonte , a city that is the capital of the state of Minas Gerais and is also known as Beagá. It is a city with a very diverse geography where you can see beautiful mountains and lands of great natural beauty. It is about 700 kilometers from Brasilia, the capital of the country, and it also has as a reference point the Sierra del Curral, which completely surrounds it, leaving a really beautiful and spectacular environment. Take note of the places of interest in Belo Horizonte :


It is 8.5 kilometers from the city center and is one of the most spectacular places in the entire country. There is a large artificial lake that adds to its beauty several interesting places, such as the Chapel of San Francisco de Asís, which is right on the edge of the lake. There are also paintings by Cándido Portinari and the Gardens by Roberto Burle Marx in the area.

Alto das Mangabeiras

The Mangabeiras neighborhood is one of the most luxurious and noble districts of the city, and there are several mansions and buildings of great interest. Among them, the Palacio das Mangabeiras (where the governor lives), the Praça da Bandeira or the Sierra de Curral. One of the most beautiful places is Parque das Mangabeiras , a natural reserve of great beauty where you can spend a whole day relaxing and entertaining.

Downtown Belo Horizonte

In the downtown area of ​​the city there are many places that are worth visiting, such as Afonso Pena Avenue, where there are some of the city’s historic buildings. There is also the Palacio das Artes, the Municipal Park, the Central Market of Belo Horizonte , the Praça Sete de Setembro or the Plaza Afonso Arinos.