The Valley of Fire, an alien landscape in Nevada

It is the perfect destination for the more adventurous, but also for the curious, for those who want to see something different , for those who are passionate about alien themes (because they will feel like on another planet) and, in general, for everyone those who like to travel and see other worlds.

It is the Valley of Fire State Park , in Nevada. A peculiar place where there are that is only 80 kilometers from busy Las Vegas, very close to the town of Overton.

Burning mountains

It is one of the most desert places that you have surely ever seen. A vast expanse of sandstone and volcanic rock formations that, at sunset, seem to be engulfed in flames. This is precisely where the name of the place comes from (the Valley of Fire).

Given the peculiarity of the place, and its extraterrestrial appearance, it is not surprising that it has been chosen as the setting for multiple Hollywood films, and even for a television series such as the famous Star Trek . However, far from being on another planet, access is very easy by one of the roads that cross it. So, if you want to meet him, reserve some time on your next trip to the best casinos in Las Vegas and come to the Valley of Fire.

In addition to hiking (there are many trails to walk) and climbing , you can visit the interpretation center where you will learn interesting things about the geology of the area, and the flora and fauna that dominate the place. The park is open daily and is one of Nevada’s best natural attractions. To access it you have to pay a small entrance fee. If, once you have visited it, you want to discover more about the area, you can visit the Museum of Archeology of The Lost City , in Overton, and where you will discover what were the ancient civilizations of this part of the country.