How to choose the best beach to go with children

If you are looking for a seaside destination for this year’s family vacation, you have many special places to choose from. Whether in Spain or abroad, there are wonderful beaches that promise you days of absolute happiness. Fine white sand, turquoise blue waters … A delight.

However, if you are going to travel with children , the choice of the beach has to focus on them so that they can enjoy the holidays to the fullest. And, if they have a good time, you will enjoy more. We tell you what are the requirements that a suitable beach for the little ones in the house must meet.

To consider…

There are many criteria that we can take into account when choosing our perfect beach for vacations. Personally, I like natural and somewhat wild beaches, even if they don’t have all the services. However, when we travel with children, things change. We will have to put other characteristics first. These are some of those that a beach for children must fulfill :

– To begin with, it is important that the beach is clean and prepared , especially if you are going to go with the little ones in the house. In Spain, that is not a problem, since we have many beaches that hold the Blue Flag distinctive.

– It should be a quiet beach , without currents or strong waves, not very windy … Come on, the beach that a surfer would never go to.

– Make sure that the beach has a lifeguard and a first aid station , for what may happen. It is also good that they have toilets, showers, bars or restaurants, etc.

– Look for beaches that are not too crowded or you may suffer a nervous breakdown looking for your creatures in the crowd. Although finding a deserted beach in summer is mission impossible, there are many that not so many people go to.

– Find out about possible plagues of jellyfish, algae, or other natural inconveniences … but inconveniences.