Tips for climbing Aconcagua

Aconcagua is the highest peak in South America thanks to its 6,962 meters high. Thousands of adventurers visit it each damage, some to climb it in its entirety and others simply to see it up close, but without daring to embark on the adventure of climbing. If visiting this imposing mountain and climbing it is among your traveling goals, this article will be great for you as I will write a few recommendations to do so.

To get to the base of Aconcagua you have to go through Mendoza , a beautiful Argentine city that is worth visiting as it has many places of interest. From this city to the border with Chile, where the climb will begin, you will enjoy truly spectacular landscapes in every way.

The ascent

The north face is the easiest to climb, being in fact perfect for those who do not have much experience since it does not require any specific climbing technique. Even so, on the ascent you will find several challenges and challenges, especially that the atmospheric pressure is 40%, less than half that at sea level. The weather can also complicate your adventure as it can change dramatically at any time.


As you go up the north face, you pass through various landmarks or camps. In order they are the Base Camp, The Traffic Light, Conway Stones , Canada Square, 5000 Stone, Slope Change, Condor Nest, Berlin, Piedras Blancas, Piedras Negras, Independencia, Portezuelo de los Vientos, Gran Travesía, La Canaleta and, finally, the summit of Aconcagua .

Practical tips

It is important that you take into account certain details when preparing your climb to Aconcagua, such as the fact that it will be an extreme activity and you must physically prepare for it. The best thing is that you contact an agency that organizes these types of activities, since this way you can take out insurance and have a much clearer idea of ​​what to do in the event of a setback during the ascent.