Tourism in Úbeda, Jaén

Úbeda is one of the best-known Andalusian cities at the national level, a fame that is well deserved since it is beautiful and has many places of interest. It is in the center of the province of Jaén, west of the famous Sierras de Cazorla. The city is so beautiful that it has been a World Heritage Site for almost 10 years, so it is definitely worth a visit.

A city with extensive beauty thanks to its many monuments , as well as several palaces that housed nobles and bourgeois centuries ago. There you can find a mixture of styles in its buildings, such as Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque or Arabic.


In Úbeda there are more than 50 very interesting monuments, in addition to more than 100 buildings that are also worth seeing. In 1975 it received the appointment of Exemplary City of the Renaissance by the Council of Europe, so its architectural importance is beyond doubt. 9 of its buildings are National Monuments , and another 19 are Assets of Cultural Interest, and the state of conservation of almost all of them is fantastic.



Local gastronomy is also very important in Úbeda, and it is basically Mediterranean although with La Mancha influences. Cereals, game meat, legumes, olive oil and olives abound. You cannot leave without trying migas, ochío, pickled partridge, fritters, papajotes or black pudding in a boiler. Among its typical dishes are bean stew with aubergines, chickpea stew with chard, mareaos chickpeas , rags or waking dumplings. Its pastries are also very remarkable, the most important and delicious being the borrachuelos, Easter hornazos, Candelaria cakes, croutons or the Cuerva.