Travel to Bundaberg in Australia

One of the most attractive cities in Australia is Bundaberg , which is in the south and is a subtropical city practically surrounded by unspoiled beaches and spectacular jungles. Sugar cane fields, coral reefs, coasts … a perfect destination to enjoy a break in good weather and a unique landscape that seems to be touched by a magic wand.

It is in the southern part of the so-called Great Barrier Reef and is a destination often visited by many "ecotourists", those who travel to natural tourist destinations. There you can explore various reefs, practice various water sports, go hiking through its many tropical forests or simply lie on the beach to enjoy the sun and take a dip.

One of the activities that many tourists who travel to Bundaberg like to do the most is to pay a visit to the Bundaberg Rum Distillery, where you can see the entire process of making one of the most famous rums in the country. There is also a tropical winery where you can enjoy original and exquisite pineapple, guava, mango or passion fruit grape wines.

But one of the most visited places is Fraser Island , the largest sand island in the world and which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There you will find infinite beaches surrounded by spectacular vegetation and that give way to a sea of ​​crystal clear waters. A paradise for the eyes of any nature lover and even those who do not usually value these things very much.

Bundaberg is in the interior of Queensland , one of the most important states in Australia, and almost 400 kilometers from Brisbane , the state capital. It is a small city with about 60,000 inhabitants and with a transport network that connects you several times a day with the most important cities in the country, especially with Brisbane. The perfect destination both to spend your holidays and to spend the day if you are in another nearby city.