Travel to Mayreau Island

A few days ago I came across a documentary on TV about an island that seemed spectacular to me, Mayreau Island , which is the smallest inhabited island in the Grenadines, in the Caribbean . It has an area of ​​less than two square kilometers, its population is around 300 inhabitants and almost all of them live in a small shady town that is near the main hill, to the southwest of the island. Until 2002 there was no electricity in the town, and it can only be reached by boat.

On this island there is only one road, which is only one lane and connects the Salinas Bay pier with the Saltwhistle Bay resort. Among the most important buildings on the island are the school, the telecommunications and the Iglesia Inmanculada Concepción, built in 1930. There is another church that was built years later, the Pentecostal church.

Life on the island

Almost all the inhabitants of the island are engaged in fishing or tourism, and school students must go to study on a neighboring island when they finish primary education. It is a very quiet island that becomes the ideal place to live if what you are looking for is tranquility and get away from the hustle and bustle of a city. In addition, the tourists who arrive are still few, so it is perfect for relaxation.



It is a resort that houses all tourists who come to the island with the intention of spending at least one night. It is a small but spectacular complex in which there are several swimming pools, a lot of vegetation and even an anchoring area to rent a boat and go on an excursion. Being a small island it has few beaches, but they are all charming and very quiet, which is what one looks for when going to a beach.