Travel to Salvador de Bahia

Salvador de Bahia is one of the three largest cities in Brazil. Due to its famous history, it is one of the most visited places by world tourism. Its colors and the joy of its people make anybody’s vacation a marvel from the first day. In its old town we can transport ourselves to the origin of the history of Brazil.

Salvador, as Brazilians call it, is a place where culture, landscape and the joy of its people mix. If you decide to spend a few days doing some cultural tourism, you cannot miss its folklore, which includes its dances handed down from generation to generation. Any tourist can be delighted with performances of capoeira or use of the afoxé in any carnival parade.

Salvador de Bahía has about 50 km of beaches distributed between its upper city and lower city. It is known for being the longest coastline in Brazil. If you decide to travel the entire coast, you will have to go from Ipanema to Flamengo beach, which is one of the most recognized in the city. The great beaches of the lower city have an area of ​​1,052 km.

The Farol da Barra beaches up to Flamengo are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Endless entertaining activities can be carried out on all the beaches. You will find beaches where there are quiet areas ideal for underwater fishing, swimming, sailing and diving. Of course, there are some beaches for surfers, because of their strong waves.